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previous Friday 28 April 2017

Media Advisory: Joint Appeal by Japan, Kazakhstan, CTBTO (CTBTO Newsroom)

Can Trump leave NAFTA? Nope. (National Review)

CTBTO Preparatory Commission Verification Regime at Risk (Nukes of Hazard)

Lietuvos ambasadorius įteikė skiriamuosius raštus Visuotinio branduolinių bandymų uždraudimo sutarties organizacijos vykdančiajam sekretoriui

U.S. says 'major conflict' with North Korea possible, China warns of danger of escalation (Reuters)

U.S. admiral says North Korea crisis is at worst point he's ever seen (CBS news)

Tillerson: China threatened to sanction North Korea over another nuclear test (CNN)

Russian Officials Say U.S. Global Missile Defense Could Lead To Nuclear War In Europe (Newsweek)

Why North Korea’s Nuclear Threat Must Be Taken More Seriously Than Ever (Huffington Post)

South Korea has few options for securing peace with North (Straits Times)

In Fear of nuclear war in Korea, women of 40 nations urge Trump to seek peace (New York Times)

Is Iran secretly developing a nuclear bomb?

Where are the marches to protest today’s threat of nuclear war? (Chicago Sun Times)